Before going to a conference, you need a place to stay. That place is currently your favorite hotel. And, with discounts through social media and classifieds no doubt you’ve already found one of those rooms. But how do you choose which hotel is right for you? What should you know before deciding on your lodging? Probably, the most important thing when it comes to choosing hotels is what kind of travel experience will suit your needs and budget best. If that’s true for you too then we’ve got some great choices for you! You can join us as we share our experiences at these interesting properties in our new segment, “What’s Your Travel Budget?” This week we’re checking out Hampton Inn & Suites Seattle-Woodinville and Fairfield Inn & Suite Seattle-Woodinville during our visit

I don’t think this is a very good story. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one written like this before. It’s all pretty much about the location, service, and price. The writer doesn’t share any personal experience with the hotel. He doesn’t share any problems that he had or anything. There’s nothing in it that defines us as the hotel, or builds up a relationship between us and the reader. It’s pretty bland from a holistic perspective.
Experience is going to be the strongest word that gets you over that hump. Without an emotional connection with the reader you will have to describe everything about your hotel in order for them to feel like they know it well enough to review it. The experience has to end up close to home for people and some light must be shed on why it makes them want to write about it. There are really only two ways to do that: Location and Service.
Location & Service.
So I guess we’ll start with both of these first (I’ll get back to the price in a minute). Experience is going to take you from a hotel that is not familiar, to an experience that is familiar. A feeling for the place, getting lost in it, being able to relate it to your own life or life experiences. Getting to know it, falling in love with it. You can’t really do that about being sold a hotel room. At least, not by telling the hotel how to set up the room or give a review of the cleaning standards in there.

hampton inn & suitesseattle woodinville wa woodinville usa
hampton inn & suitesseattle woodinville wa woodinville usa