Surfing on a Small Island with Two Siblings and One Friend – A Trip to Bath & Tennis

This part of the island is very quiet and peaceful, with lots of trees. There were two buildings in this area as well, which were also new. One was ‘The Ocean Resort at Bath & Tennis’, an older building with a pool and tennis court, framed by a gorgeous garden. It resembles more of an upscale hotel than resort. The other building is ‘Summer House’, situated behind it and in a very secluded area. It’s hard to see from the outside, but it’s quite large, with lots of private rooms and all of them attached to the same main house! We did not actually go into these buildings. We wanted to explore more of the island in our own time and we did not want to be disturbed. This part of the island was very peaceful, with only one house on a small square, three hundred meters away.
Note: the entire article on Bath and Tennis, which is full of places I’d like to return to, is here (this post was previously just the parts after ‘there are no roads’ in the original comment history):
“Beach” in fact means a place where you can swim. “Sea” is a body of water, so “sea beach” means a place you can swim in, but not in the sea.
“The Ocean Resort at Bath & Tennis” : this is a private hotel with an on-site restaurant and bar that you rent rooms from. They are individually rented rooms in the main building, or cabins off the main yard. The cabins have their own porch and bathroom.
“Summer House”: a name I know nothing about. It’s a big house.
Bathing: in the sea is bath.

the ocean resort at bath and tennis
the ocean resort at bath and tennis