Introduction: What is a DIY Party?

A DIY party is a party put on by the guests, with minimal or no help from the host. It’s a great way to save money on food, drinks and decorations. You just need to be handy with a needle and thread.
This article will guide you through the process of preparing for guests to arrive, and give you a list of DIY party favourites for easy reference. There’s something in here for everyone – from the novice sewist to the experienced crafter with a well-stocked skillset. So read on, as we dish out our best do-it-yourself party ideas.
Planning a party is an exciting process. You can tell yourself that you’ll get around to all the tasks when you ‘have time’. That usually means the day before your party (or the night before…). Before the party, plan out just how much time you’ll need to complete each task. Break it down into smaller tasks if you can.

night diy night outdoor party decorations
night diy night outdoor party decorations