An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence SDKs

The title for the article is an acronym for a set of artificial intelligence (AI) SDKs to be used with the iPhone or iPod Touch. I find that it is often better to have a very specific thing in mind when writing. It helps me clarify what I’m trying to say and helps people understand your point more quickly. So for this article, I am trying to introduce the reader to: * What SDKs are, * Why you want to use them, * What they are used for, and * How to get started with them. The following is a little bit about my background. I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Washington (my school is pretty cool). Before that though, I took a few courses in psychology, information architecture, and design (yes, I am a designer, but that’s not what you came here to learn about). My background should have helped me through this article and hopefully will help you as well. Without further ado…
What are SDKs?
SDK stands for Software Development Kit. Put simply an SDK allows you to build software for any given platform; in our case we’re concerned with iPhone and iPod Touch development. There are plenty of SDKs available to developers, but I’ll focus on the three I find to be most useful and relevant for new developers.
* UIKit

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