“I remember my first time in St. John’s Chapel by the Creek. It was a beautiful spring weekend when we took our three children there on Sunday morning for the first time to see the creek.” ~ Chris Barrett, Founder & CEO of The Love Rescue

St. John’s Chapel by the Creek is a place that imitates nature and is designed to provide a sense of belonging for the biologically, mentally and physically disabled children of The Love Rescue. By bringing children and nature together, the environment is a place of joy and peace for all who visit St. John’s Chapel by the Creek. The playground will be designed so that children with special needs have a place to play safely together. By creating a special place for people with disabilities to create a sense of belonging, the children will develop friendships that will last a lifetime.
The Love Rescue is an organization that provides 4-day camping experiences for mentally and physically disabled children, ages 7-17. It is their mission that every child who comes to The Love Rescue camp has an experience as close to what a typical child would have when going to camp. It is their hope that these children leave the camp changed forever by being around kids who are different than them in many ways. As the children learn to get along with their new found friends, they construct a bond of intimacy between them that may last a lifetime.

st john's chapel by the creek
st john’s chapel by the creek